Personal Brands is a beauty innovation company committed to creating high performance beauty essentials for professionals and everyday consumers. Through empowering education and our brand incubation initiatives, we develop, produce, and cultivate artist driven beauty brands.
Applying exceptional formulation techniques and state of the art manufacturing practices, our brands are created through a collaboration of seasoned formulators, top artists, beauty industry veterans, and branding experts who carefully think through the ingredients, packaging, fragrance, and design.
Personal Brands retains, develops, and is further establishing numerous product ranges – each one is uniquely customized to meet the definitive beauty needs and requirements of our guests.
Personal Brands is comprised of industry veterans with decades of collective experience in the realm of professional and consumer driven beauty brands.
The management teams’ long history of building iconic brands, leverages its knowledge of salon professionals and the end-consumer to create artist-driven beauty brands with a focus on innovation and prosumer driven education, creating the ultimate brand experience for the consumer.